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I’m i.Be


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i.Be Kwong, a girl who has been loving painting since she was a child, took part in all kinds of art activities and competitions and won the many awards in her school days. During junior high school, she officially took the elective major courses of “art students”, accepting professional painting training, such as traditional sketch, colors, sketch, and oil painting. This laid a solid foundation for her painting skills. Being affected by the business of her family since she was young, she was also interested in business. She chose to learn design in college, as well as learning art design courses in Bauhaus University of Germany. Follow was first born in the booth of art market held by the government. i.Be didn’t know how to sew at that time, but she tried to sew some coins purses and other hand-made cloth bags with what she has learned in the design courses of college and other knowledge she learned by herself. After several deals, i.Be found the unique design of Follow was very popular with consumers. After graduation, i.Be insisted on running the business of Follow, despite the opposition of her family. And Follow had developed rapidly in the next two years. More than 30 retail outlets were set up in Macau, Hong Kong, the United States and other regions. And it has become her future career.
Life should be colorful. Being sensitive to color since the childhood, i.Be combines her design with happy feelings. Pink color brings people the sense of joy and fantasy. i.Be hopes to bring consumers happy feelings by colors and the bold and unique design. “Happiness” is the motive power of Follow and the bridge for people to communicate directly with the mind.
What you see, what you hear, and what you smell, the records of travelling, all of which will be transformed into a new design inspiration. Lifestyle has been interpreted as the different styles of life-different sceneries, different moods, and different time. And all of these have made up our life harmoniously. Variety and integration have formed the broad design space. In the future, i.Be hopes to continue bringing her designs to the positive attitude towards life.



“FOLLOW” 是澳門青年設計師 鄺瑩瀅(i.Be Kwong)的自創品牌,創立於2012年的大學大二時期。大學選擇修讀設計類的專業,同期在德國Bauhaus大學修讀藝術設計課程。畢業後堅持經營Follow品牌,并在兩年內迅速發展,在澳門及香港、美國、日本等地區建立超過30家零售點。曾受國內外多間媒體採訪:澳亞衛視、澳廣電視台、日本【澳門旅遊】書籍等。從喜歡畫畫的i.Be,將歡樂情感融入藝術與設計。粉彩色能帶給人歡樂和夢幻的感覺,希望通過色彩和大膽獨特的設計帶給消費者一種歡樂的感覺。百變和融合成為了廣闊的設計空間。未來更希望能一直堅持將設計帶給正能量的生活態度。